Jason Haines

Jason Haines

Jason is a golf course superintendent, author of the Fusariummy blog, and the visionary behind the turfgrass growth ratio.

Appears in 3 Episodes

The growth ratio for consistent growth and nitrogen fertilizer adjustment with Jason Haines

Jason Haines joined me for another #TurfMath episode to explain what the growth ratio is, how he uses it, and how he calibrates it. See this post for the equation and ...

Turf Math with Bjarni Hannesson and Jason Haines

We discussed the ease of metric units and the utility of knowing some key numbers in turfgrass maintenance.We discussed this post: https://www.asianturfgrass.com/post/...

Using the turfgrass growth ratio to adjust for site-specific conditions with Jason Haines

The turfgrass growth ratio (speedo) was developed by Jason Haines. It's a ratio of actual growth (grass clippings) divided by a temperature-adjusted standard amount of...

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