Turfgrass growth rate and plant growth regulators with Bill Kreuser

Bill Kreuser joined to answer all the questions I could think of related to plant growth regulators (PGR). We discussed re-application intervals based on growing degree days for multiple turf species, and a lot of things related to growth rate and PGR use in general.

Some of the items we discussed include:
- The blog post getting the ATC Doublecut treatment, https://www.asianturfgrass.com/post/using-plant-growth-regulators-on-golf-course-putting-greens/
- Bill's GSR article from 2015, Effective use of plant growth regulators on golf putting greens: https://gsr.lib.msu.edu/article/kreuser-effective-4-3-15.pdf
- Reasor et al.'s article on Growing Degree Day Models for Plant Growth Regulator Applications on Ultradwarf Hybrid Bermudagrass Putting Greens: https://doi.org/10.2135/cropsci2018.01.0077
- Brown et al.'s article on Growing degree-days optimize trinexapac-ethyl reapplications on ultradwarf bermudagrass putting greens: II. Testing a reapplication schedule: https://doi.org/10.1002/csc2.20387
- The Greenkeeper App: https://www.greenkeeperapp.com
- Follow Bill Kreuser on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PGRBill

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Creators and Guests

Micah Woods
Micah Woods
I'm chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center and director of the @paceturf information service. Some current projects include #OM246, #ClipVol, and #MLSN.
Bill Kreuser, PhD
Bill Kreuser, PhD
Turf Management Researcher, Educator & Consultant | Inventor of GreenKeeper App | Former UNL professor, extension specialist & golf course superintendent.
Turfgrass growth rate and plant growth regulators with Bill Kreuser
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